Sunday, 26 July 2009


I am pleased to see my short piece 'Selkie' up online at the summer issue of The Linnet's Wings. It's based on an old seafaring legend about women appearing in the form of seals. The notion supposedly goes back to a Pagan soup of ideas concerning what happens to the souls of the drowned. Everything, naturally, turns out for the worse in the end.

The Linnet's Wings makes a fine home for the piece, as the legend is alive and well in Ireland, where the pub is based. I am pleased, too, to discover that it's published with so many other good pieces by writers I am a fan of. There's too many of them to list here, but all of them worth a read.

'Selkie' is almost certainly the last piece to be published under my real name of 'O'Connor'. From here on in it's Dahai all the way.

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